Frequently Asked Questions

Are your earring hooks okay for people with sensitive ears?

YES!  I make all of the earring hooks with sterling silver.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, I accept a small number of custom orders each month. Please send me an email or a direct message through social media to discuss custom orders.

Are your earrings heavy?

The majority of the earrings are made using Delica beads which are very lightweight.  The earrings are definitely a lot lighter than you would expect.  That being said, the bigger the earring, the heavier they are.  If you have a specific pair that you LOVE but you think they’re too big, send me a message and place a custom order for a smaller version!

What is your return policy?

If there is any mailing damage or design flaws, I can either issue a return/refund or fix the item free of cost.  If you have any concerns with your order please send me a direct message.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Not at the moment but hopefully in the future!

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